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Starrie is a dual token system. The first of the two, starrie ($STAR) has been issued by the waves platform.

We are going to change reputation. Forever.

Why the name “Starrie”?

There is no esoteric meaning behind the word starrie, it just sounds good, cute, familiar. It simply means “little star”, as it is the atomic unit of the Starrie reputation system. The “ie” ending is pronounced like “self-ie”.

Why starrie ($STAR) token is valuable?

starrie will be used as the atomic unit of the Starrie reputation system.The average Joe will be able to access this reputation system through the Starrie Wallet or other enabled apps. Users of the Starrie Wallet can send starrie to the best people in their life, “tag match” them, and transfer real financial value. You help em grow their reputation and rank, for the things they do, while giving some funding.  Other people can find them through the tags they were matched with. These tags are setup by the profile owner, and can be matched by “raters”. More details on the WP or the  Starrie Wallet website.  $STAR is currently been exchanged on WavesDEX

Why Starrie, the Vision

We believe that human behaviour is influenced by the environment people live in. And since the environment it’s not just physical anymore, we can change people’s mindset through technology and that will lead to a positive change in the real world.

How we do it

By rewarding and supporting the awesome people in our life, the people we believe in for the meaningful things they do, we spread positivity inside enabled communities. Starrie is at the center of this ecosystem, it is the fuel of awesome people. And we can’t wait for you to get your hands on your Starries!

What is Starrie, exactly?

Starrie is the token that makes OURS work.

OURS stands for Open Universal Reputation System ☆

Use Starries to reward knowledge, creativity and genuine behaviours.

A platform for Developers

Starrie is powered by blockchain technology. It is a simple yet powerful reputation system, and your users will love it.

We won’t ask you to replace your current system overnight, OURS can work as an option alongside your reputation system. Experience the benefits and give OURS more and more importance along the way. No strings attached.

You can integrate OURS and Starries into your App. Thanks to our API you won’t need to write code from scratch,  and you don’t need to change your interface; your users can easily connect to your current system. It’s so addictive, we know you are going to use it but we can’t reveal you our secret sauce just yet.

We are ready to go mainstream, we want to bring Starrie to normal people. Our ambitious goal is 100M (yes the M stands for Millions) ” blockchain transactions” in the first year. We are in private beta, serving two partners already and there are much more waiting in line. We are confident we can sign many new and established companies to use OURS inside their apps. 


We can build an implementation for you.


Light years better than any other reputation system’s.

We redesigned ratings from the ground up. Our approach is user experience driven. While current systems give more importance to averages and collecting data in the backend, we care more about how people really use a reputation system, we take into account human emotions and we reach faster hook cycles with a mix of great UI and social psychology. We chose not to use a 5-stars rating system. People don’t react rationally. More and more people react emotionally, we are seeing an increment of 1/5 stars and 5/5 stars rating. This is not useful for the reader (especially where no reviews are given) and it is bad for businesses. 

five-starS ratings make no sense anymore. . There is no grey area. .. 


OURS is fair to the receiver:  you can stop worrying about retaliation. At the same time, it makes the sender more responsible. Fake ratings and reviews are reduced to the minimum: every rating is more genuine, well informed and heartfelt.

We make the givers responsible.

Whether people give a rating or a review, they should take responsibility for what they do. 

This means, fake or incentivized reviewers trying to boost up a bad entity will not be weighted the same as well informed, genuine reviewers who give an unsolicited rating to a great entity, just because it deserves it, because it’s too good not to be rated.


Starrie wallet and Third party Wallets

The code of Starrie Wallet will be opensource. We encourage skilled community members to improve it and create their versions. Our partners, aka the developers, can customize it as long as they keep OURS as the underlying technology.A Starrie Wallet will be central to the user experience. Is where they see the tokens coming in and out the apps they use. We will build a mobile wallet first.


 We will reveal the missing details soon™


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We believe in a world where knowledge, kindness, empathy and ultimately trust are the core values.

We are defining our core values in a decentralized fashion: get involved!


slack invites are currently manual. If you want an invite to the starrie slack, mention @projectstarrie on twitter or contact @ayro on the waves slack